Broken heart

Disapointed of her life she wanted to found someone who will bring her  back in life,who will make her happy,someone who can bring her smile on her face and love her with his whole heart.Knowing her i know what she was surviving.She was in relationship.She was so happy.Her smile on her face was from ear to ear.It was all perfect.She was thinking that they will never break up.But that was there.They broke up.They broke up because her boyfriend was cheating on her.She wasn’t know.She started to check his messages and that’s how she found that.She was all in tears.Broken inside.Believe that all is lie.Her heart was in small pieces.


Of all that i think is good that she knows the truth now.Because it’s not beatiful to live with lies your whole life.It’s better to be like this.


I’ve tried a lot.And i’ve never gave up.And i still try and try and try till i don’t get want i want or i want i want to be.My life goes up and down and up and down and again up and down.But i never give up with hope that i’ll be good at something and do something i couldn’t never do.

Sometimes you don’t need love to be happy or loved.Sometimes all you need is a little luck and hope that tomorrow will be better.Tomorrow you will do the thing you’ve never can.Tomorrow you will be happy and you’ll be proud of the things you’ve done.Just try and don’t give up.If today won’t be good tomorrow maybe will be good but just believe.If there’s no love there will be one.No one live without love.Maybe you love someone that doesn’t love you but don’t worry there will be someone who will love you with his whole heart.And remember it will be good just  hope and believe that you’ll be good in something.


If i ever have a chance i’ll tell you i miss you.I’ll tell you how much i love you.How much you mean to me.And if we ever meet again i’ll tell you i want to get back.To be together again.To be crazy in love again.

Walking around

Walking around i’m thinking how about having you babe.How it looks like to be with you.To feel your  love.I’m all alone these days.I can’t stop thinking about you. Am i wrong thinking about or you just don’t like me?.We can be together.I can show you the whole world.I can show you can see how it looks like to be with me,to feel my love  babe.Just believe me.Believe  in my love.Believe in our love.


The moment he came in my life i became more beautiful,happy and fresh.Like i restarted my life.I was completely new.He was so beatiful,happy and also good person.We were like cat and dog.Sometimes we were happy sometimes we were like angry on eachother.He was angry on me.And i was angry on him.But it was joke.When we broke up i was a little sad.Now we are friends and i’m so happy about that.